Pennies From Heaven

What do you do with the money?   We know honest, reputable people with integrity who will get the money to hungry people all over the world and see to it that it gets spent in the right place.  All the money will go for food; there will be no administrative costs. 

How much have you gathered so far?  
The accounting is done by two qualified bookkeepers.  Specific details available upon request.  The total amount donated so far is over $185,245.52 as of 1/27/2015. We have used this money to feed in 19 countries of the world and are now concentrating mainly in Kenya, Uganda, and Pakistan.



Here is what pennies can buy--bananas for 56 poor orphans in Africa!

Have you ever thought about the value of a penny?  It is not very much in America and people throw them away all the time.  Have you ever looked down on the street and seen a penny and not picked it up? So have most Americans. 

Yet in other countries, such as Africa or Mexico, due to the exchange rate, a penny is valuable there.  A few pennies can help feed a hungry or starving person.   Children can live and not die, and famine can decrease.

Here in the U.S. we are a very diverse nation, many races, many creeds, yet we all agree on one thing--we can help those who are hurting around the world.  We can even help hungry people here in America, such as Native Americans or people living below the poverty line.

How can I help???  By picking up pennies everywhere you see them, in the street, in your car, in your house, everywhere.

Who can help???  Students, businesses, young people, old people, teenagers, civic groups.  Even homeless people have helped us, due to the small value of pennies.

What do I do with them??? Make a donation to our PayPal account by using: Take them to any Wells Fargo Bank/Wachovia Bank in your state and deposit them to the account of Betty Swann Ministries/Pennies From Heaven.

OR You can also mail them to me:

Pennies from Heaven 

PO Box 8882

You can  make a donation online by clicking on the button below:

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TThis is a little girl from the Guithuri Slums in Nairobi, Kenya.  There is gross poverty everywhere here.  It is worse out in the villages.

"The least of ours is the world to them."

These two little girls live in Malawi which experiences famine every year.  Rains and drought destroy homes and crops every year.  There is not enough food to feed them.    A Member of Parliament is helping us distribute the food to them.