Pennies From Heaven

 Here's What Others Have To Say



 "I would love to do this with the preschoolers/mother's-day-out program.  Think the children will really love this and will get them involved in helping others." 

 "Yes, I'm hooked.  Add me to your list of penny pinchers.  It seems as if every time I look at even one penny, I get excited about all the possibilities.  I'll do everything I can to support you in this awesome endeavor." 

 "This is a wonderful idea.   I told my Spanish class and they want to start right away collecting pennies.  They even gave me the ones that they have in their pockets, but I want to know if we can involve our students on this project." 

 "We are going to continue collecting until the first week in May. Then we are going on a field trip to the bank to deposit our money. We have about $150 so far. The kids are very excited about this opportunity. That's why they wanted more information." 

 "Congratulations for opening a new VISION." 

 "The Pennies From Heaven idea is wonderful. I have contacted a local convenience store that has one of those penny trays. I took them an empty plastic coffee container and they are going to dump excess pennies in it. I will collect them every week or so and make a deposit. My mailman was in there when I took the coffee can to them, heard us talking about it, and emptied his change pocket into the can!  It is so fun to see how people react and want to is so big, yet so simple." 

 "I'm going to send this info in to our new corporate initiative -'Your Good Works'" (this is for a national company)  I met this woman on a cruise and told her about the pennies project.  She lives in North Carolina. 



 "Your email made me cry.  I could not believe that what we are receiving from Pennies from Heaven is from ordinary people, young and old, rich and poor.... and now will be feeding the children of the Philippines...Surely, I am humbled to know of your simple vision and mission yet touching so many hungry people around the world...  Rest assured that your donation of $2,500 for the Philippines will be going to good, nutritious meals." --- Rachel Sanchez, Head of the Orphanage